Dr Bart Sayle is a thought leader in business transformation and culture. Driven by the philosophy that in order to build a great business, you first need to build your people, Bart created the Breakthrough Process® and founded the Breakthrough Group specialising in Culture, Innovation, Leadership and Growth.

Bart’s industry expertise has spanned over 25 years working with CEOs and their executive teams in corporations around the world to create high performance cultures and business growth.  He is their trusted advisor, leadership mentor, and his Leadership Mentoring programme accelerates leadership growth and performance. 

 He is the author of the best selling book, Riding The Blue Train: A Leadership Plan for Explosive Growth, which gives a holistic and congruent approach to accelerating personal, professional, and business growth. 

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“Bart helped us transform our people, our culture, and our processes, thereby helping us establish a new trajectory for business growth.”

 William Wrigley, Jr. Chairman of the Board, President and CEO, William Wrigley Jr. Company