Riding the Blue Train Build your People First.

Bart’s Book, Riding the Blue Train: A Leadership Plan for Explosive Growth, explores questions facing today’s leaders such as ‘How can an organisation accelerate business growth and innovation?'

It reveals innovative leadership strategies and provides case studies of business leaders employing these stratergies to achieve extraordinary results.

By Dr Bart Sayle and Surinder Kumar. Foreword by William Wrigley Jr.

"Bart and Surinder have helped us transform our people, our culture, and our processes, thereby helping us establish a new trajectory for business growth.”
William Wrigley, Jr., Chairman, President and CEO, Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company

"The powerful forces that drive the blue train are certain to change forever the way we view and build our businesses. Riding the Blue Train is an essential blueprint for designing a corporate culture that encourages personal and collective creativity and transforms threats into opportunities. Packed with sage advice and enlightening examples, the book helps us recalculate success by focusing on the human equation."
Steven B. Sample, President, University of Southern California

"We should all ride the blue train. It will unleash creativity, imagination, courage and collaboration. This book is a map to re-discovering magical thinking, and team discovered truth.”
Michael J. Silverstein, Senior Vice President, The Boston Consulting Group and author, Treasure Hunt 

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