Along with delivering Keynotes and Transformation Programmes, Bart also creates outcomes focused Webinars 

Creating The Breakthrough Mindset For Cultural Transformation and Business Growth

IERG (International Resource Executive Group): C-Level Executive Board

You’ve cut the costs, optimized the process, and taken other steps toward increasing your productivity, morale and return on investment - yet the desired performance and results remain elusive or hard to sustain.

The reason may be staring leaders in the face – it’s your culture.

In this IERG webinar Bart Sayle, Founder of the Breakthrough Group and best selling author on cultural transformation provided a powerful methodology to build a self - motivated, resilient and winning culture that delivers. Participants left the webinar equipped with:

• Five Leadership Principles for transforming your culture to a sustainable High - Performance Culture

• Be able to implement these Strategic Tools immediately in your organization

Mindsets for Innovation: Breakthrough for Transformational Growth 

MENG (Marketing Executive Resource Group)

"Bart, thank you for the best presentation on this topic that I have ever heard – and, I have been committed to and successful in innovation within US corporations for 40 years."
Chris Broxon
Brand Marketing Group

"Everything you said made sense to me, and I believe I can use it to get my business to the next level – and have more fun doing it." 
Jim Fisher
Triumph Revenue Advisors 

" Thank you very much for running today’s Webinar. I very much liked how you provided a BIGGER PICTURE of what is needed to drive innovation...Great guidance to look at oneself and at the organization to have a very conscious approach to understand and manage the 90% of the [culture] iceberg."
Frank Dreier
Marketing Executive Networking Group Member