“Bart helped us transform our people, our culture, and our processes, thereby helping us establish a new trajectory for business growth.”
— William Wrigley, Jr. Chairman of the Board, President and CEO, William Wrigley Jr. Company


Bart is the CEO and Founder of Breakthrough Global - expert practitioners in enterprise-wide innovation, leadership and business growth. As a Director of Innovation with Unilever, Bart developed a powerful approach to accelerate innovation and business growth. This evolved into the Breakthrough Process®; now used by companies and institutions around the world to design and deliver powerful and sustainable futures. Over a hundred thousand business professionals have now experienced Breakthrough in more than sixty countries


Dr. Bart Sayle is a global authority in business culture, leadership and innovation. A trusted advisor on vision and strategy; Bart has spent over twenty-five years working with the world’s top business leaders to build high-performance organisations and winning cultures that deliver breakthrough results on a global scale. Bart has achieved notable success in companies such as Danone, Mars, Ferrero, Wrigley, T-Mobile, Nike, Pepsico and Procter & Gamble.

Bart started his career as a scientist conducting research into the biochemistry of chemotherapeutic agents. From there he went on to work on the psychophysiology of human perception. Moving into education he studied creativity with young children and how this changes as they grow up. Bart has postgraduate degrees from the University of Manchester, University of California at Berkeley and Harvard Business School.

Bart Sayle was able to energise and engage people, showing what everyone can do to become more open to diverse thinking and actions. He is highly inspirational and able to catch an audience by his lively performance. Since the presentation I have been approached by several people indiciating their appreciation and one person mentioned “that was one of the best leadership presentations I have ever seen”. Not that I had expected anything less...”
— Martina Tkotz, Head of Global Consumer & Marketing Excellence, Bayer Consumer Care AG


Bart is a founding board member of the Washington DC Think-Tank, The Ocean Health Council, advising on vision and strategy for the global initiative on the Oceans supported by The World Bank and The World Economic Forum. This is a collaborative approach between Business, Science and 15 Governments including China and the USA to lead the way forward and create healthy oceans for a more sustainable future.

Bart is a sought-after adviser, speaker and author. He is known for his energising and inspiring talks around the world in which he shares his insights on culture, growth, leadership and innovation.


Bart is author of the best-selling business book, Riding The Blue Train: A Leadership Plan for Explosive Growth. With his background as scientist, business leader and entrepreneur, Bart Sayle has made a lifelong study of human creativity, human performance, and human systems. Driven by a vision that the world of business can be much more effective, more creative and more purposeful for everyone. Bart has made it his mission to achieve this

I have been fortunate to work with Bart and Breakthrough on a number of occasions to enhance corporate business results and for personal executive coaching. Our results have been in line with the name: Breakthrough. Bart has also proved to be an insightful and trustworthy coach whose counsel I have relied upon for more than 10 years.
— Gary McCollough – Previously CEO Career Education Corporation & Audit Commitee Chairman for The Sherwin-Williams Company.